27 NOVEMBER 2021


During the next 5th and 6th of May in the Norwegian racecourses of Momarken and Bjerke (Oslo) will be held the Gentlemen European championship for amateur drivers organized by the flag of the FEGAT (European federation of amateurs drivers).

The championship will be played on four scoring races for each driver, with the participation of drivers from 13 different nationalities, members of FEGAT and will be qualifying for the 2016 World Cup in Hungary where the first 6 countries will obtain a wild card for the WC2015.

the most important achievements of some of the drivers participating in the European Championship 2014 are:
Swedish Hakan B. Johansson, current European Champion (Sweden 2014) and with 231 wins in his career.
Spanish Miquel Vich Capó, former European Champion in 2012 (Czech Republic) with 159 wins in his career.
Dutch Willem Browuer 3rd in last World Championship in Finland 2014.
Italian Giovanni Bechis with more then 400 starts and 935 wins.

The official link of the European Championship 2015 is http://www.fegat.info/competition_cat2015/gentlemen-european-championship-in-norway/

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